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Bengaluru City Police

e-Lost & Found Report

This application facilitates hassle free lodging of report with Bengaluru City Police for articles / documents lost in Bengaluru City only.


Bengaluru City Police is always looking for new avenues to enhance its delivery of public sevices to the citizens with the help of new and latest technologies.

Lodging a police report about a lost document or object becomes indispensable where it is a prerequisite for reissue of the lost document i.e. Passport Driving Licence, Registration certificate of vehicle , Educational Certificates, PAN Card etc. Such losses are very often detected by victims after a gap of time and even the exact place and time of loss may also not be known to them. In particular, persons travelling through Bengaluru city or tourists find it very difficult to go back to the place where the document or article may have been lost and lodge a report in the Police Station for getting a new document issued or to make claims of insurance. Therefore Bengaluru City Police has decided to enable Mobile Phone and web based reporting of such lost/missing articles without the need to go to a police station. This report can be lodged from anywhere and print out can be taken with a digitally signed copy which will be sent to the complainant on the given e-mail ID. Such digitally authenticated certificates can be verified online by the officer or agency where such certificates are to be presented.

Question 1

What is the procedure for lodging a report ?


Lodging a report of lost article(s) or document(s) in a police station becomes mandatory sometimes as most of the authorities responsible for issuing duplicates insist on a police report of the lost item. Through this application a police report of any article lost in the Bengaluru city can be lodged through mobile phone or over the internet.

Question 2

What to do when date and time of loss of are not known ?


On many occasions, the exact date and time of loss of an article or document is not known. In this case, the period starting from a particular date and time and ending on a date and time during which the article or document was lost may be entered.

Question 3

What to do when exact location of loss of article or document is not known ?


Many times, one loses an article or document during travel or becomes aware of loss after a long time, in which case exact location of loss may not be known. In this case only enter those details which you know. If the district is known, then definitely specify it. Reports lodged of items lost outside Bengaluru have no legal sanctity whatsoever.

Question 4

What steps are taken by police after information of lost article or document is entered ?


The information of the lost item gets registered in an electronic format at State Crimes Record Bureau, Bengaluru. No enquiry or investigation is conducted based on this.

Question 5

What happens after information gets registered ?


A digitally signed lost article report is generated and is sent on the user/’s mobile phone and email-id.

Question 6

What types of complaints can be lodged ?


Only information of those articles or documents which get lost in Bengaluru may be registered through this application. Reports lodged of items lost outside Bengaluru have no legal sanctity. For thefts and other crimes please use dial 100 facility or contact your nearest police station.

Question 7

What to do when after submitting my report no email confirmation is received ?


You may have provided a wrong email address. You can access the report on your mobile by specifying the unique Lost Report number assigned for your report. You can also contact State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB), Bengaluru to check your report.

Question 8

How is "lost article report" verified ?


Anybody can verify the report by filling in unique Lost Report number on Bengaluru City Police website www.bcp.gov.in/home/index.php.

Question 9

I am a foreigner. Can I lodge a report using this application ?


You can lodge police report through this application, if you have lost or misplaced any article or document while in Bengaluru.

Question 10

Is any enquiry or investigation conducted by police after lodging a complaint through this app ?


This is only an information to police based no which no enquiry or investigation is performed. The information so given gets registered as an electronic record for future reference and for any necessary action by any agency.

Question 11

Is the report considered valid for issue of duplicate ?


Yes, the report is digitally signed and any authority may verify it online for issuing duplicate.

Question 12

What action is taken if false report is lodged ?


False information or complaint to the police is a punishable offence. If detected, the individual giving false information will be prosecuted under law.

Question 13

Whether the printout of the report is to be submitted in any police station ?



Question 14

Whether report can be lodged for articles or documents lost outside Bengaluru ?


No, as such reports have no legal sanctity whatsoever.

Question 15

Can the report be retrieved again after registering ?


Yes, click on 'view registered report' button

Question 16

Is a data connection mandatory ?



Question 17

What are the charges for downloading and using this app ?


Bengaluru City Police offers this mobile service free of charge to public. Your mobile operator may levy charges for GPRS or 3G data usage. Please check with your operator for data tariffs and other details.

Question 18

How to login into this application ?


There are 2 separate processes for login for new and existing user:

Existing users only have to enter either a mobile number or an email id.

New users have to enter name, mobile no. and email-id. A one-time password (OTP) code will be sent on the mobile number and email. The OTP has to be provided before submitting information for registration.

Question 19

How to register lost article report ?


After login on the main screen click ‘Register lost report’.

Enter complainant’s details like name, address, mobile, etc.

Input details of place of loss, time, district, police station, etc.

Input details of lost article(s).

On successful registration a unique Lost Report number will be allotted to your report.

Question 20

How can I get a copy of my ‘lost article information report’ ?


You have to take the following steps to get a soft copy of your report:

Select the ‘lost article report’ you want to download.

The copy of the report will appear on the screen and if email-id is provided, a copy will be mailed simultaneously

Question 21

What provision is made in the application to prevent unauthorized access of my report ?


To access and retrieve a lost article information report from the Bengaluru City Police website, the mobile number (or email-id) used to register the report and the unique Lost Report number are to be entered together. If any of the one is missing no report can be accessed or downloaded.